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With over 30 years of on-stage experience, 20 years of leadership and a powerful story of persistence and overcoming, JC is a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker for high school assemblies, community groups and business conferences. JC's talks include the following topics:


  • Be You: Living a Fully Expressed and Fully Integrated Life: The key to a great and impactful life is to know and understand who you are. The path to great leadership is a live a fully expressed and fully integrated life. To live from the inside out. Many individuals need to grow in self-awareness and the understanding of who they. J.C.'s message will help bring clarity and purpose to your culture. 

  • The Art of Not Giving Up: All around us, we see people giving up. Giving up on jobs. Giving up on relationships. Giving up on communities. Giving up on children. Giving up on themselves. J.C.'s powerful message of never giving up will resonate with your team or organization. 

  • Your Life, Your Health, Your Responsibility: Mental health is vital for your school, community or organization. Yet, too often we wait until tragedy strikes to discuss the importance of mental health and personal wellbeing. J.C.'s message of personal healthy and personal responsibility will resonate will people from all ages and walks of life. 

  • The Empowering Leader: Leadership is empowerment. Empowerment is leadership. If you are struggling with employee morale and motivation, this message is for you. J.C.'s message of empowerment will resonate with your board, senior leadership and management teams.

  • The Empowering Company: Empowering leaders create empowering companies. Empowering companies are organizations where leaders, managers and employees are committed to the mission, committed to each other and committed to helping others reach their full and highest potential. J.C.'s presentation will help to create a more empowering environment which will drives sales, customer satisfaction and employee engagement. 

  • The Power of Purpose and Persistence: The key to a great life is knowing your purpose and, once you have found your purpose, never giving up. The two go hand in hand. A life of greatness is lived with purpose and persistence. J.C.'s message will help bring a renewed sense of purpose and persistence to your organization. 

  • Destined For Greatness (For High School & College Students): Students need to understand the power they hold over their destiny. Too often, students believe they must conform to the world around; that other people - or the opinions of other people - control their destiny. J.C.'s message of being destined for greatness will resonate with students from all backgrounds, races and creeds. 

  • Discover and Live Your Purpose (For High School & College Students): It all begins with purpose. Purpose determines the direction of one's life. J.C. helps students to understand the importance of discovering their purpose and understanding their unique mission in the world. When students begin to understand their purpose, they will remain more focused on living a life of mission and meaning.